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Our volunteers have an authentic opportunity to help, along with the rewarding experience of interacting with another species in the “wild.” Prairie dogs’ survival is vital to the entire grassland ecosystem and ultimately the whole planet, so helping them survive makes a real, tangible difference. In our fast-paced world, feeding prairie dogs also gives people the rare opportunity to interact with nature in a very meaningful way.

We can also use help with administrative and educational projects. Are you comfortable with public speaking? Would you like to talk to school children or civic groups? Or is your club or organization looking for an interesting talk? If you have the time to help, please consider reaching out to us at 505-988-1596 or email


Fundraising is ongoing. Donations can be made by check to PNE, P.O. Box 4973, Santa Fe, NM 87502. For more information, call 505-988-1596 or email

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