Protecting Prairie Dogs in Santa Fe

Our mission is to protect, nurture and maintain Santa Fe’s imperiled population of Gunnison’s Prairie Dogs as they are vital links in the native ecosystem.

About Prairie DogsHow You Can Help

We carry out our mission in two main ways:

  • Supplemental feeding of land-locked colonies in Santa Fe
  • Relocation

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People for Native Ecosystems (PNE) was also instrumental in passing the ordinance protecting Santa Fe’s Gunnison’s prairie dogs (see our Programs and Projects for more).

We recognize that our work takes place on unceded ancestral Tewa Land, specifically O’gha Po’oge (White Shell Water Place). For more information on the deep history of this land, see the land acknowledgement here.

What We Do

We are a group of concerned volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life who are aware of the importance of Gunnison’s prairie dogs to the health of our planet. 

In 2000, PNE proposed an ordinance, which was passed in 2001*, to ensure the preservation or relocation of Gunnison’s prairie dog colonies on selected properties

How You Can Help


Our volunteers have an authentic opportunity to help, along with the rewarding experience of interacting with another species in the “wild.”


Make a Donation

Fundraising is ongoing. Donations can be made via our website donation page form or by check to PNE, P.O. Box 4973, Santa Fe, NM 87502.