Programs and Projects

In late summer of 2014, PNE was able to raise funds sufficient to conduct a humane relocation of over 80 prairie dogs from various sites to the Galisteo Basin. We are grateful to our generous donors, including the Sierra Club and Los Alamos National Bank.

The small remnant colony located between Christus St. Vincent north and east parking lots and the northernmost entrance from Hospital Drive into the hospital grounds was the first to be captured. Many of the prairie dogs in this small colony had been killed by cars, leaving only 4 adults and 4 babies. We are deeply grateful to the hospital facilities manager, who made it possible for these prairie dogs to be included in the larger project.

The small group adjacent to the Walgreen Pharmacy at the corner of Zia Road and St. Francis Drive, which was left after pharmacy was built, had little to no food for years. Only four adults and five babies remained, and they were all captured and released.

A group from the corner of Botulph and St. Michael’s Drive across from Christus St. Vincent was also captured and released.

Because of the much-needed, regular rains this season, the Galisteo Basin is lush with green vegetation and the kind of wildflowers prairie dogs thrive on. We were grateful when it began to be clear the drought had ended there, at least for this year.

Fundraising continues and donations can be made to PNE, P.O. Box 4973, Santa Fe, NM 87502, or through our website at For more information, call 505-988-1596.

Gunnison’s prairie dogs have been the eyewitnesses to Santa Fe’s history. Last summer, Jackalope and People for Native Ecosystems hosted a vegetarian barbeque/picnic event to honor Santa Fe’s earliest settlers, the prairie dogs.