Currently, PNE seeks funding to humanely relocate a persecuted colony in Santa Fe. Land use conflicts in public rights-of-way and utility easements have intensified along St. Michael’s Drive from St. Francis Drive to Christus St. Vincent Hospital, placing over 100 animals in constant jeopardy. The colony suffered from trail construction by the City (2011), shootings (2012), and PNM cable installation (2013), killing many. Relocation will allow the colony to resume its ancestral role in the ecosystem. The relocation will be costly and PNE has received both private donations and a grant from PNM that will partially fund the capture and relocation in 2014. However, we are only half way there and will continue raising funds over the winter months. A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

In 2008, the Prairie Dogs needed to be removed during their breeding season so that the Rail Runner could go through. People for Native Ecosystems participated in negotiations with the Department of Transportation and provided financial support for their humane removal. It was necessary to hire trappers, buy carriers, provide produce, grain and hay and rent a care facility and provide neo-natal care for the infants born in captivity. Around 150 of the prairie dogs were later relocated and by all reports are doing well.

There have been other major removal projects that have resulted in human capture and relocation of hundreds of prairie dogs.

Each receiving site has special requirements, such as monitoring, supplemental feeding and predator patrol. At one site, it was necessary to hire a snake handler/biologist to humanely relocate the venomous 7-foot Mojave rattlesnakes who were already living there.

Because of our urban sprawl, the Gunnisons can no longer graze and get what they need as the grasses and weeds that they eat there are no longer growing around their colonies. Therefore it is necessary for our volunteers to purchase the veggies and seeds needed to keep the prairie dogs nourished. A few grocery stores contribute their compost, but it is not sufficient. Our dedicated volunteers purchase what they need, take it somewhere to chop, and then go out– in all types of weather — and place food in the holes. Lots of our money goes to feeding.

This web page allows people both in our community and around the world to have an opportunity to learn what we are doing here and contribute to our cause. By doing what we can to help the Gunnison’s prairie dogs survive in Santa Fe, we are helping the entire ecosystems and thereby making a contribution to the health of our planet. And, as you know, this all takes money.

People for Native Ecosystems is a 501 © (3) non-profit organization.

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