How You Can Help

According to a recent poll, more than 10 million Americans over 55 neither work nor volunteer their time.

Volunteering has its own rewards:

You get the warm feeling of knowing you are assisting someone or something who/which really needs your help. In our case, prairie dogs’ survival is vital to the entire grasslands ecosystem and ultimately the whole planet. Another reward is that in our fast-paced world and shopping mall life, feeding the prairie dogs supplies people with the rare opportunity of interacting with nature in a very meaningful way.

In addition to help with the feeding program however, we need help with the relocating efforts. An important fact is that Santa Fe is one of only two places within the entire historical range of the Gunnisons’s prairie dogs where any official protection is retained.

Other needs are fundraising, office work, education and outreach. Administration assistance, advocacy, help with our web site, grant writing, and monitoring sites. Are you comfortable with public speaking? Would you like to talk to school children or civic groups? Or is your club or organization looking for an interesting talk? If you have the time to help, please consider reaching out to us…we can find a place where you fit.